Sounds Sweet

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    How can I order a Sounds Sweet  speaker?

A.    Order on-line using secure (SSL) payment with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.


        Order by check or money order.  Access either option with our Shopping Cart.


Q.    Do you take telephone orders?  What is your telephone number?

A.    Sorry, we are not setup to take telephone orders.  We would hate to raise the price to be able to have someone take telephone orders.  However if you would prefer a telephone order then please email us your telephone number and the time you would like to be called at and we will call you.  If you would rather make the call then please email us at to request our telephone number.


Support, Warranty and Repair

Q.    What about support?

A.    Contact us at at any time for any reason.  We intend to provide outstanding customer support and service!


Q.    Can I return it for any reason?

A.    Yes.  It can be returned for any reason within 30 days.  Please check the Warranty, Returns, Support, Privacy and Repair Policy page for details.  You won't want to return it though!


Q.    What is your warranty?  What about repairs outside of the warranty period?

A.    Please check our Warranty, Returns, Support, Privacy and Repair Policy page for information on our warranty.  We also offer, in addition to our warranty a FREE Repair Policy included at no charge, which includes free repairs, including parts and labor for one year from purchase and free labor on repairs as long as you own your speaker.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  Please see our  Warranty, Returns, Support, Privacy and Repair Policy page for details.  This Repair Policy is not a warranty.


Q.    How do I contact you?

A.    See our contact page.



Q.    Why is the speaker so big?

A.    It is not!  It is 10" X 10" X 12".  Bigger than other communications speakers but our speaker is smaller than most bookshelf stereo speakers.  The size is one part of why this speaker has the bass response, efficiency and clarity it has.  A smaller size would compromise all three.


Q.    How do I connect my radio to my Sounds Sweet  speaker?

A.    You will need a cable with a connector matching the speaker output connector on your radio.  If your radio has no speaker output connector then use the headphone output connector.  The length of cable needed should be terminated in bare ends to connect to the spring clips of the speaker connector.


Q.    Is a cable included?

A.    Sorry, a cable is not included.  There are too many different radio connector types.


Q.    What kind of connector does the speaker have?

A.    The speaker's connector is a dual spring clip connector.  You will need a cable terminating in bare ends to connect to it.


Q.    Should I use an amplifier?

A.    None is needed.  Our speaker is extremely efficient.  It will run on milliwatts!


Q.    At what maximum power level is the speaker rated?

A.    10 Watts R.M.S.


Q.    Is there a switch for using the speaker with more than one radio?

A.    There is no internal switch.  It is however quite easy to use an external switch.  "Audio Source Selector" switches used as add-ons on home stereo systems are popular choices.  There are even remote control models.  Some users use audio mixers to allow for simultaneous listening of several radios.  This has the advantage of being able to use the headphone output on the mixer to feed the speaker.


Q.    What is the impedance of the Sounds Sweet  speaker?

A.    8 Ohms.


Q.    Is it OK to feed a Sounds Sweet  speaker from a 4 Ohm radio output?

A.    Yes.  Running an 8 Ohm speaker from a 4 Ohm source is safe for both speaker and radio.


Q.    What is the deal with the second cone?  What does it do?

A.    The second cone is second source.  It is perfectly in phase with the bigger cone and tuned to a higher frequency for an efficient and tailored bandwidth.


Q.    Is the second cone a tweeter?

A.    Nope.  No tweeter is needed or desired.  Tweeters reproduce hiss.  Radio signals often have hiss.  Sounds Sweet  speakers do not reproduce hiss.

Q.    Is Sounds Sweet  coming out with any other products?

A.    We are working on many projects including stereo speakers, surround speakers and other products for communications!



Q.    What are the shipping and handling charges?

A.    In the Continental US shipping and handling is $18 using UPS Ground.  Express shipping is available.  Check the Sounds Sweet  Shopping Cart for details. 


Q.    Will you ship to a Post Office Box?

A.    International Mail and Domestic UPS we ship to actual addresses only, not to a P.O. Box.  We will ship by USPS Mail to P.O. Boxes in Alaska and Hawaii.


Q.    Is my shipment insured?

A.    Yes.  All Sounds Sweet  shipments are insured.


Q.    When will my order be shipped?

A.    Tuesday and/or Friday are our shipping days.  We make every effort to ship in a timely fashion but inventory issues may cause delays.  Credit cards will be charged at processing.  UPS issues beyond our control can cause delays to the above. 

International orders please see our International Orders page.


Q.    Is a signature required at delivery?

A.    No signature is required on Continental US deliveries from UPS.


Q.    Will I receive tracking information?

A.    For all UPS shipments we email the tracking information to you.

No tracking information is provided on shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.

International orders please see our International Orders page.


Q.    Will I receive an invoice?

A.    With on line secure credit card orders we email you an invoice immediately after you order.  We do not include a hard copy with the shipment.  Hard copies are available by request at


Q.    What are the International shipping and handling charges? 

A.    Visit our International Orders page for International shipping terms.  Use the Sounds Sweet  Shopping Cart to compute the shipping and handling charges for your country.  Please email us at if your country is not listed. 


Q.    What is the shipping weight?

A.    15 pounds 11 ounces.